Opportunity Index


Economy Score out of 100

Economy Stats

Unemployment rate
Median household income
Population below the poverty line (%)
Ratio of household Income at the 80th percentile to that of the 20th percentile
Banking institutions per 10,000 pop.
Households spending <30% of income on housing
High-Speed Internet (% of households)
Education Score out of 100

Education Stats

Preschool enrollment
On-time H.S. graduation
Associates Degree or Higher (%)
Community Score out of 100

Community Stats

Community Health & Civic Life
Group Membership (% of adults 18 and over involved in social, civic, sports, and religious groups)
Youth not in School and Not Working (% ages 16 to 24)
Volunteerism (% of adults ages 18 and older)
Violent crime per 100,000 pop.
Primary care providers per 100,000 pop.
Grocery Stores and Supermarkets per 10,000 population